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Bernard Valcourt, our Minister of Aboriginal Affairs (and Northern Development, mind) responds to Romeo Saganash condescendingly (shocker) and then suggests, without missing a beat, that First Nations youth should look forward to careers in large-scale forestry and mining and learn the skills the government wants to invest in if they want to participate in the economy. Get on board with the government’s proposals (“Discussion.”) March 25, 2013.

Some Hon. Members submits MP Rob Anders for your consideration.


In an interview with published today, Anders speculated that leader of the opposition Tom Mulcair hastened his predecessor’s death by bullying the ailing Layton during the spring campaign. He issued a tactical apology, apologizing for being “insensitive and inconsiderate,” but leaving ‘inaccurate’ off the table.

Of course, we remember Anders from his 1812 pamphlet, his nodding off in parliament and subsequent accusing the conservative heads of a charity group for homeless veterans he slept through of being Putin-loving NDP hacks. And then blaming his sleepiness on a car accident (?). We remember Anders criticizing the memorial to humanitarian Dr Norman Bethune for endorsing communism. In 2001, Anders was the only member of parliament who voted against making Nelson Mandela an honourary citizen, calling the champion of the anti-apartheid movement a terrorist and a communist, ‘the politically correct poster boy of today who will be forgotten in 30 years,’ and implying that South Africa was better off under aparthied. Mandela even called Anders to talk it out (and what a gesture, to reach out to this pissant), and Anders refused the call. In October of 2008, he allegedly told a humanitarian rights lawyer that he believes Canadian diplomacy and humanitarian work should focus on changing foreigners’ language to English and their faith to Christianity.

In September of 2009, Anders sent out a flyer to his constituents that made the following particularly dubious assertions -

* “Under section 13 of the so-called “Human Rights” code, Canadians have been prosecuted for holding personal beliefs which offend radical Muslim Imams…”
* “Did you know… It is now illegal to hold opinions that offend radical Muslim activists.”
* “Did you know… In 2007, best selling Canadian author, Mark Steyn, was hauled before the Human Rights Commission. His crime — writing about the dangers of radical Islam. Muslim activists took offence with Mr. Steyn’s writing and lodged ‘human rights’ complaints against him.”

The iPolitics interview mentions some of this, and smartly quips ‘This is what makes Anders different from most MPs: he keeps doing what he does, over and over and over again. And he’s still here.’

And isn’t that gross? Anders cites Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech in a positive light!

He’s quite proud of his experience as a Republican heckler, and his political training in the states at Morton Blackwell’s ‘Leadership Institute,’ the same place attack dogs like Grover Norquist and Karl Rove were sired. He was the Alberta director of something called Canadians Against Forced Unionisation, saying "I think the economic benefits of voluntary unionism are self-evident."

He’s a born-again unmarried hick who’s spent fifteen years in parliament and is still a backbencher. During the 2011 campaign, his office was locked, he participated in no candidate debates or forums, and he still won handily - 62%, with his best numbers to date.

It’s worth pointing out that in his riding of Calgary West, the conservative  association there has been handcuffed by Harper to stop them from choosing a different candidate. Harper finds Anders useful as an extreme right wing backbencher who can say and do embarassing things with little consequence to the government, while at the same time subtly widening the frame of discussion to include those bizarre positions. Harper’s a big fan of Rob.

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